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Jacaranda - Year 3

Black Lives Matter-    Writing Competition


Virgin radio are leading a Black lives matter-writing competition . This was opened on Monday 29th June and closes on Friday!

500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, we want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. We want children to lead on the process of writing their story.

From 6:30am on Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July at 11.59pm 2020, we invite children aged between 5 and 13 to respond in whatever way they wish in no more than 500 words, in the form of a story.


The narratives we write and share matter. We ask children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as they want. Storytelling is a must!


For that reason, we’ve brought together many high-profile personalities, school teachers and librarians alongside the continuing support and academic expertise of Oxford University Press to create 500 Words: Black Lives Matter.


Just tune into Virgin Radio Breakfast Show from today to keep up with the competition.



Summer Term  2

Hello Jacaranda Class,

I hope that you are all well and keeping safe.Home learning is going to look a little different this term.I will be adding new home learning activities onto our Class page, which will be updated each week.

Please continue using First News, Big Maths, Literacy Planet. Remember that you can recieve certificates for Literacy Planet and Big Maths.

I also look foward to receiving any special work for our Gallery, that you have been working on at home. it can be emailed to me via 2 email or your parents  can emali me on our class email.


Keep Safe. I miss you all!!


















Mr Black's Coding Challenge.

Congratulations to Nye for being the first from Elfrida to complete the coding challenge.

Nye also scored top marks (11/11) 🙂

Well done Nye!


Here are some links for you to use over the coming weeks.



Lockdown Sports Day 2020

On the 19th May it was meant to be our Sports day. Unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to do this altogether this year. But why not bring Sports day into your household?  You could compete against your family- brothers, sisters, dad, mum, carers, grandparents.

There are certificates/rosettes attached however, you can make your own certificates/rosettes/trophy’s.

Please remember one thing. This is a fun activity and the main idea is to have FUN with your familyJ. The referee in charge of recording the points may deduct one point if you aren’t showing good sportsman ship. If there is an activity that isn’t your strong point- use your growth mindset and try your best. You could also use this as a learning curve to practise a particular activity a little more. All of these activities listed below will help with some form of PE skills e.g. strength, hand eye coordination, accuracy, speed, balance.


You can choose a selection of the activities or

could you do all these challenges in a day?

Whichever activities you choose to do, you will get an automatic point, as it is the participation that counts. You’ll also get a chance to win a bonus point. Record your points on a piece of paper or you can print off the table attached.


Get a point

Bonus Point

How many hand ‘keepie uppies’ can you do?


Scrunch up some paper or use a soft ball. Use your hand to keep the item up in the air.

If you participate in this challenge

Highest amount of keepie uppies gets the point


Rubbish bin Basketball- Who can shoot the scrunched up paper into the bin?

5 attempts you get only.

If you participate in this challenge

1 bonus point if you get it in

1 bonus point for most creative way to throw your shot.

How many claps can you do when you throw the ball up in the air?

If you participate in this challenge

Highest amount of claps gets the point


Hop, skip, Jump- How far can you jump?


If you don’t have enough space just do a standing long jump. Stand in one place and see how far you can jump.

If you participate in this challenge

Highest distance gets the point


Egg and Spoon- How many lengths of the garden/room can you do in a minute? If you drop it pick it up and carry on.


Boil the egg- If an egg is too precious to use at this time choose something else.

If you participate in this challenge

Highest number of lengths gets a point

If you succeed the whole minute without dropping it you also get a point


Can you sprint for 30 secs on the spot?

If you participate in this challenge

Whoever sprints for the whole time without stopping you get a point

How man sit ups can you do in a minute?

If you participate in this challenge

Whoever gets the highest amount of situps gets a point.

Water race.

Fill a bowl with water, fill a cup and race to the other bowl/sink. Run back. How many cups of water can you put in the bowl/sink in a minute.

If you participate in this challenge

Whoever fills the most cups of water up gets the point.

Speed bounce- how many jumps can you do in a minute over an object?

If you participate in this challenge

Highest amount of Jumps wins the point.


Bin bag/ pillow case race- get a bin bag how long does it take you to get from one side of the garden/room and back.


If there is enough space all race together at the same time.

If you participate in this challenge

Quickest Time Wins the point

Or whoever wins in the race wins a point

Golf target challenge


Use a cup/pan on its side for the hole. Use a golf ball/tennis ball/scrunched up paper and shoot it into the cup/pan using hands/feet/dust pan brush/broom.

You decide as a family distance you shoot from- make it a little challenging!

5 attempts


If you participate in this challenge

If you get it in you get a point

Obstacle Course


Make up your own obstacle course. E.g. Crawl under the table, slide along the floor, step across the chairs, walk across the sofa, go into your bedroom and jump on the bed once.

If you participate in this challenge

Fastest to complete the course gets a point

How many times can you throw a ball into a bucket/pan in a minute?

If you participate in this challenge

Person who throws it in the most gets a point

How long can you hold a balance for?


Can you make up a challenging or creative balance.

If you participate in this challenge

Person holding the balance for the longest gets a point

Person who has the most challenging/creative balance

Three Legged Race


Choose a partner. Time how long it takes you to get from one side of the garden/room and back.


If there is enough of you and space, have a three legged race at the same time.

If you participate in this challenge

If you do a three legged race with the family- whichever pair wins gets the bonus point.


Three Legged Race


Choose a partner. Time how long it takes you to get from one side of the garden/room and back.


If there is enough of you and space, have a three legged race at the same time.

If you participate in this challenge

If you do a three legged race with the family- whichever pair wins gets the bonus point.

Can you spell your name using the activity table below.

If you participate in this challenge

If you complete it you get a point



Some more fun activities for the family

  1. Put hula hoops/ ring doughnuts on a piece of rope/ wool. Children have to limbo underneath and try to eat the hula hoops/ ring doughnut.
  2. Put flour in a tray and put some sweets in there. Children have to put their face in the tray and pick up a sweet.
  3. Apple bobbing. Fill up a bowl with water and place some apples in the water. Children have to put their face into the water and try and pick up the apple with their mouth.
  4. If you have a balloon. You and a family member have to stand face to face. You put the balloon between your knees and you have to move the balloon up your bodies, without using your hands, to your faces. Don’t let the balloon pop. You could also use a coconut.
  5. After 8 challenge. Or a square flat chocolate. You have to put the after 8 chocolate on your forehead and without using any support from your arms/hands you have to move the chocolate down your face to your mouth.


  1. Play musical bumps/statues with the family. Show off your best dance moves. Or put just dance YouTube on.


  1. Hot Potato. This physical activity will get giggly! Simply get a soft ball (not a softball!) or a rolled up sock and toss it to a child. Tell them toss it to someone else as quickly as possible. Everyone repeats this. When does this game end? Who knows? Just get rid of it! Variations – Play short segments of music while they toss the “potato”, stop the music, and the last one to touch it after the music stops is out. The last child in wins.


  1. Bowling. Get some items that you can stand up like empty water bottles or plastic cups, grab a big enough ball, and start rolling to knock over the “pins”. Variations – Make a target on the ground using masking tape. With each section worth different amounts of points, the kids can roll the ball trying to stop it within the different target areas, competing for points.


  1. Freeze Dance Rhyme Dance. Crank the tunes and let the dancing begin. Unlike the regular game though, when the music stops, a designated person calls out a word. If the other dancer(s) can’t respond with a word to rhyme with it within a designated time period (say five to 10 seconds), that person is out.


  1. Hunt! This can be either indoor or outdoor.

Organise a hunt that spreads across a large area, or even just inside your house. Just place toys or treats hidden in different places and start your kid off with the first place. Each place should have a puzzle written for the next. If you make sure the places are far apart, your kids will get a good run out of it.







Literacy Planet  

Go into signup/ use your app. inout your user name and  password 

Weekly activites will be set. Reading Spelling Comprehensions. I will check to see who are the top 5 children on the leadship board.


Keep doing your activities on First News andd Big Maths.

We need more children to complete Big Maths to win the challenge!



Mr Black's Second coding Challenge

Who will be  the first to finish the challnege?


Fill | Vex Robotics #1

Hello All, Welcome back to another Coding Session with Mr Black! We are going to code a VEX Robotic simulator! The evenimoent is alot like Scratch. As you go throught, this session, the next task will open based on how you have answered. Follow my steps to learn some basics, have fun and then have a go at the two challenges at the bottom. Good Luck!





I have found a story that explains what Lockdown is.



Coding Game. 

Mr Black has sent a link for a coding challenge  to create a game using Scratch.


















Here are the spellings for Summer 1



Dear Year Three Pupils, here is some work ideas which we would like you to complete during your time off school


  • Continue reading for at least 20 min daily. This is your opportunity to read even more and improve rapidly. Read to yourself. Read to your siblings. Read to your parents. Read to your pets.
  • Do your READING LOG book three times a week – use tasks in THE BACK OF YOUR LEARNING LOG book.
  • Read different ebooks on Oxford Owl website ( Go through ‘My class login’ (username: elfrida magnolia  password: book)
  • Ebooks to read   (sign up for free for 30 days!)





  • Use these websites to practise basic maths skills.


  • Pupil mash
  • BBC revisewise Maths
  • Great maths games for all levels at You can sign up for free!
  • More maths activities



  • ‘5 MINUTE MOVE’ and ‘Joe Wicks’ daily workout



  • Continue learning your weekly spellings (lists attached).
  • Learn to spell all common exception words for Years 3 and 4 (lists attached)
  • Practise writing sentences using as many high frequency words as you can (list attached).


Non-screen activities - from Pobble


Year 3 Practical Ideas and home work ideas

Please use the following daily for 20 mins a day

Brain break activities






The-Nature-and-Animal-Realm Reading activites


Non-screen activities - from Pobble


Year 3 Home Learning Pack


Year 3 Practical Ideas


Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers


SN PAck Y3 two


SN Pack Y3 one



Welcome to Jacaranda class with Mrs Taher and Ms Corcoran.


New Home learning has been added to the class page. The project is about The Rain forest.

There is a variety of activities to choose from. Do as many as you can.

 I want to thank parents for supporting  your children with their homework.

The models of rockets, solar sydtem and games were oustanding as well as

poems and research. Children were proud to talk about their models and research.




Jacaranda showing their models.

Jacaranda have made posters for Internet Safety Day.