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Welcome to Elfrida's Math's Page

At Elfrida Ms Fitch leads on Maths teaching and learning.

Maths is taught through a daily maths lesson which follows the programmes of study in the National Curriculum. Our principle focus is to ensure that children develop confidence and mental fluency when dealing with mathematical concepts.

We use Big Maths to support the planning and teaching of maths skills.  Children take part in daily mental maths session where they learn key facts, how these are related to each other as well as calculation skills.  These sessions are called ‘CLIC’ sessions and are very popular with the children.

Children complete weekly timed challenges where they compete against themselves to see if they can complete questions faster and more accurately week on week.  These are called 'Learn its' and children take these home so that parents can support their learning. 
The application of practical maths and reasoning is very important and children use maths in real life situations and to solve many problems throughout their learning during the week. 

In the EYFS we use Little Big Maths to support children with their early maths investigation,



Maths skills progression