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Eucalyptus - Year 1

Teacher: Mrs Gee

Additional Support: Miss Beard

Welcome to the new term! 

We have a lot of interesting and exciting things to do and share this term.

Please have a look!

Please have a look at our curriculum leaflet for important dates ahead and what we will be doing in Year One for this term.

Phonics - Phase 5 - Graphemes

We are currently teaching most children in Year One Phase 5 Phonic sounds. If you would like to practise these sounds with your child but not sure how to pronounce the sounds. This video is great at helping you to make the sounds correctly.

Parents and Carers of Eucalyptus Class are invited to our class assembly on Thursday 17th May 2018. Our assembly will start at 3pm.

A big 'Thank you' to our parents who volunteered to help on our trip to the Theatre! Eucalyptus Class had fun watching 'Grandad's Island'!

We really enjoyed our trip to the Science Museum after learning about Space and Astronauts. Thank you to all the parents who came along with us!

Eucalyptus class had an amazing time on their trip to Hornimans Museum on Tuesday. They had the opportunity to look at the interactive exhibits and explore the gardens. Everyone enjoyed making their own puppet at the workshop. Thank you to all the adults that helped us on the day.

We have been very busy in maths recently learning about adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers. We have been writing number sentences and some of us have even been using number lines and 100 squares to help us!

We had lots of fun during maths investigation week. We used our knowledge of number to investigate how many candles we have had on our birthday cakes.

Eucalyptus class have settled in well after their summer break.

We have started or topic on 'Africa' and are looking forward to many exciting learning opportunities that will be linked to this topic. The children have been busy writing about their favourite animal from the African Savannah and making their animal number lines. They've also had lots of fun making wild masks in the outdoor area.

A reminder that your child's homework and spellings are sent home on Friday and homework is due to be returned to school every Wednesday. P.E kits need to be in school so that your child is ready for their P.E lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday.