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Science week

This week we have had an amazing week of science.

The week started really well with marble runs being created all over the school.  The children used a range of different materials including lolly sticks, Blu-Tac, pots and other recycled materials.  The aim was to make the longest run.  Redwood class created a class run using almost all of their tables!  We went to a science show at Athelney on Tuesday where the children learnt all about the digestive system and were wowed by a real life scientist!  Wednesday was investigation day.  year 5 designed and made catapults to find out which sort of projectile went the furthest, Year 4 looked at how they could make an egg float by adding salt to water and Year 3 created balloon rockets, finding out which was the best angle for a speedy rocket!  Over the course of the week we also had microscopes that the children could use, a talk form a bee keeper and a talk for the people who are working at Keston Bog. Well done to everyone for being fabulous scientists this week!