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Our Gambian visitor

On Monday 11th September we welcomed Mucki and his son Yankuba to Elfrida to talk to us about life in The Gambia.

We have had a link with Mansa-Colley Bojang school for a while and this is the second time that Mucki has visited.  This time he talked to the children in assembly and then spent some time with Year 5, who will soon be starting to write letters to the children in his school.

Mucki explained to us that at his school there are no computers and the children have to share one pencil between three children.  We didn't realise just how lucky we are!

He also talked to us about how the children have to grow their own food for their lunch and how they look after chickens, who lay eggs that the school can sell to raise money.

Yankuba also had a great time visiting our school and loved playing football in the playground at lunchtime.  He didn't want to leave!

We are hoping to use the money raised on Wheels Day to get the school a lap top or an ipad so that we can Skype them and continue to learn more about life in another country.