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Elf Day and Christmas Dinner

Wednesday December 9th was a very exciting day for Elfrida Primary School.  Not only was it Elf day, but it was also Christmas dinner day!

During Elf day all of the children, dressed as Elves, travel to different classrooms to do activities with different teachers.  (The teachers are also dressed as elves!).  Children completed musical activities, created animations, ordered presents in different sizes, created cards and made paper plate snowmen, amongst many other things.

Everyone had lots of fun and the school certainly looked more glittery after the event!

While all of this was happening the kitchen staff were working hard to prepare dinner for 500 people!  Everyone sat down with their class and their teachers to enjoy a traditional meal, which was delicious.

A huge thank you to everyone both in and out of the kitchen who worked so hard to make this a great day.