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Eco Action - Saving Water!

On Wednesday 27th April we had some visitors from Thames Water who came to work with our KS2 children.

They come from a project called Eco Action which looks at ways that we can all save water.  Children learnt about turning off taps while washing teeth, having baths instead of showers and only putting the 3Ps down the toilet.  (If you're not sure what these are, just ask a child!)

We are also being assessed by someone from Thames Water who will be able to make suggestions about how we, as a school, can save water and money in school.

After an exciting assembly, the school council worked with Lydia and Paula to learn some water saving games.  We played water saving Twister, water saving snakes and ladders, bingo and Top Trumps. These games are ours to keep and the school councillors will be out in the playground teaching the rest of the school and sharing the water saving tips.

A big thank you to Ali from Palm class whose Mum put us in touch with this exciting project.