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Cricketing success!

Elfrida Eagles (that is our official cricket name) won the inaugural 2019 Platform Cricket Festival with great successes made throughout the competition.


Three teams from Cypress, Silver Birch and Palm competed against 22 other teams in knockout rounds from 9.00 - 3.00.


Each team competed in a different group and all teams won all their matches in the first round to qualify for the quarter-finals.


In the quarter finals Palm and Silver Birch competed against each other (putting enormous pressure on their Head Coach as to who to support, what with having taught all students personally!) and Cypress played against Athelney for a place in the Semi-Finals.


When all seemed lost Cypress pulled on through and beat Athelney on one run to compete against a second team from Athelney in the Semi-finals! Silver Birch just outmaneuvered Palm to reach the semi-finals against Downderry school.


In the Semi-finals the Downderry team had some strong players who played (most likely) at youth club level (we are basing this on their cricket whites!) and Tommy and Sonny made a valiant effort to make up for the large lead Downderry made on Elfrida. Unfortunately Tommy was wicketed out and Silver Birch went into a knockout round with Athelney for third place.


Cypress made an impressive start in the Semi's against Athelney and they won their heat, with Mr. Woods providing sound advice from the sideline. Cypress then faced Downderry in the final which became very intense. However with some great batting from all players and Robert hitting a six it gave Elfrida a great headstart. Although the Downderry team was strong Taya was able to out bowl their best player to lead Cypress to win with 1 run!


Final score was:

Cypress: Gold

Downderry: Silver

Silver Birch: Bronze

Palm: Fifth place