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United Nations of Elfrida Week

Last week saw every class in the school take on a different country and become experts in it! Each class sent delegates to other classes to share the information that they had learnt and we had out own United Nations meetings in the hall.  Key Stage one had a flag ceremony in the playground and then they all shared things they had learnt about their countries.  Cedar class came into the hall as a giant Chinese Dragon and performed a fan dance; we had a traditional poi dance from New Zealand as well as a beautiful French song amongst other performances.  In KS2, Beech class demonstrated how to have fun with the traditional pinata and created so much Mexican inspired art work they had to have their own exhibition! Redwood class performed a dance from Canada and Baobab shared facts they had learnt about Portugal to name just a few acts.  

The week ended up with a cultural cafe, with many parents bringing in food to share.  The final event was a huge success with lots of people sharing and enjoying food from allover the world.  

Thank you to all of the parents for their generosity with their food and to Mr McNulty for organising the week's activities.