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Nursery wins national reading prize!

Throughout the whole of March our school Nursery, Saplings took part in a national reading challenge The 100 million minutes reading challenge. The aim of the challenge was for everyone taking part to read for as many minutes as possible in class or at home to establish reading in everyone's daily routines. The national target was to read for a 100 million minutes in world book week which was easily achieved. 

In Saplings Nursery, we did lots of exciting reading activities in class throughout the whole of March and all the children were given book marks each week to log how many minutes they had read with an adult at home. 

We worked incredibly hard and had a fantastic time sharing stories and taking part in workshops fro​m the pre school learning alliance. 

We are pleased to announce That Elfrida Nursery won the runner up prize out of all of the Nurseries who took part in the country. We won a wonderful hamper of books and story props and can't wait to use them.

The children in the nursery who had read the most won prizes too and the overall winner was Callie who read a total of 380 minutes!!!

We are so incredibly proud of our nursery for working so hard and we can't wait for the next 100 million minutes reading challenge next year.