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Book Flood Day - 20th December 2018


Our classroom was turned into one large reading corner and everyone brought in their onesies or pyjamas and slippers so we could all relax in comfort and share our favourite books and spend the day reading.


Great fun was had by all, especially drinking hot (warm) chocolate and eating chocolate whilst reading.


Here are some photographs of the day.

Book Flood Day - 20.12.18

15th November 2018 - Creekside Discovery Centre

The long awaited trip finally arrived.  Beech Class were very excited to be visiting Creekside Discovery Centre for our walk in the river. We started off with a short session in the classroom to find out more information about the river we were about to walk in.  We learnt that Deptford Creek is part of the River Ravensbourne and it is tidal. One interesting fact we learnt was how Deptford got its name: a 'ford' is a place in a river where it is possible to cross through the water which is where the 'ford' part comes from; 'Dept' is from depth, meaning deep.  Deptford simply means, deep ford.  Another interesting fact is how Catford got its name. We all thought it was because of the big cat!  But no - the name came first.  Apparently, long ago, it was the place where farmers could get their cattle across the river so it became known as 'Catford'.


We also learnt about different features of a river:

meander  - a bend
banks - the sides of the river
direction of flow - the way the river is moving

flood defence walls - walls built high enough to prevent the local area flooding

tidal marks - the marks on the walls that show where the water reaches at high tide

erosion - what happens to the banks as the water flows fast and carries the mud from the bank away making the banks smaller and flatter

deposition - when the water slows down, it deposits the mud making the banks wider and higher

In order to walk in the river, we all had to wear waders (extra long wellies), waterproof coats and carry a wooden stick to stop us from falling over. We had a great time looking for artefacts on the river bed, having a duck race and fishing! We found lots of different creatures.  It was great fun!


Then it was back to the Centre for lunch which was much needed.  


After lunch, we had a quick session in the classroom and then we went back out to stand on the bridge and sketch the river.  As we were sketching, the direction of flow changed.  We could see this as the leaves floating on top of the water suddenly changed direction going back up the river the way they had just come.  No, this wasn't magic; the tide was coming in.  


We all had a great day.



Our thoughts about this amazing experience.


I enjoyed the Creekside trip because I learned that if shrimps are living in a river, that means that the water in the river is clean enough for living things to live in. It also means that animals can drink water from it. (Michael)


I enjoyed the Creekside trip because there are species living in the river, such as leeches, shrimps and crabs. There are also boats around the Deptford Creek. (Harun)


The Creekside trip was brilliant because it was really educational and I have learned about different animals living in the river. (Fayth)


I think that the Creekside trip was a great trip because it was fun and educational at the same time. There were lots of activities and we have learned lots of interesting facts about the creatures that live in the river. (Temidayo)


The Creekside trip was brilliant! Whilst I was there I have noticed weird things that they have found in the river, such as mobile phones, a fox, and even an aeroplane propeller! Even though I was terrified of the harmless water I still made my way through it without falling. (Lillie-Rose)


In my opinion the Creekside was an amazing experience because when we got the nets we went in the water to capture living things that were living in the water and have a closer look at them. (Freya)